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13 Fun Things To Make With Leaves This Fall

By: Lexy.b.wardOct 07, 201513 Fun Things To Make With Leaves This Fall read more...

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How to Fill Holes in the Wall


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Adventures in Beekeeping: The Big Honey Harvest

My life is currently a honey-covered disaster.

Thats not even a metaphor, I mean my life is literally covered in honey. Every surface in the kitchen, all of my pots and baking sheets, my computer, the cat, my hair All honeyed. My iPhone cas read more...

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Beauti-Vue woven wood and yarn sunburst clocks -- vintage catalog and images

Posted by: Kate September 23, 2015

retro woven wood clock

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Internet Friends, Tile, and Tired Faces

Guuuuuys. Holy shit, what a week. There wasnt a spare minute in the last few days to let you know whats been going on around here other than some brief social media updates, and thats because Sarah (you know, my DIY internet bestie and occasional read more...

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Create a Table from an Old Chair and a Cassette Tape Organizer

Back when Remodelaholic was brand new, it was all about turning something old into something new and we still love to do that and see others repurpose and create something amazing from something that might be headed for the landfill. Today, our g read more...